Monday, 4 October 2010

Vid: Just got plunged hard and fast into the world of teaching...!

I've never given a lesson before... I've never taught English before, I've never seen the text... I haven't even done public or group speaking except with friends.... 

Well guess what happend - day one? No... within 10 minutes of showing up for work... my boss isn't in... just the receptionists telling me what's on the agenda...

Hello my name is Rich - and I'm an English teacher...


  1. Welcome to the incomprehensibly disorganised world of Academia and teaching!

    I feel your pain! :D

  2. On the up side - I think I'll find English teaching very easy after this... and very possibly group speaking... lecturing... and then the sky is the limit.

    Let's see what happens tomorrow.

  3. lol.
    I'm still smiling when I read these wishing I was there.

    p.s. Love the light reflecting off your head.

  4. I'm working on that - I think soon I'll have a giant lightblub for a head.

    I just got my second job (probably).

    Have been really feeling the pressure actually. When you teach English at these places, if you give a shit it's all down to you. There is no training, and there's barely even any assement. I could just have these students doing laps of the classroom and no-one would know - and probably not care for at least a few weeks.

    So basically in two weeks time either I'm going to be a shit-hot teacher, or I'm going to have finally decided to combine the absynthe our landlady left in the fridge with super-strength Spanish painkillers and mutate into some sort of Hank Moody/Richard O'bryan combo.

    Probably about 50/50 on those outcomes right now but you know what I'm gunning for baby!