Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Marseille for two nights!!!!! But there's nothing to do here!!! Woooooooooo!

Well here we are! In Marseille! For TWO NIGHTS!


Well actually we're a good 15 minute drive out of town, the public transport sucks, the beaches have mixed reviews, the nightlife is questionable, and there's pretty much nothing to do where we are.

So errr... yeah.

This is from the moment we arrived... we're getting to have a bit of a "thing" about checking out the hotel room...

Is there a kettle? Is there free toothpaste? Is the air con any good? Or is it just a plug-in fan which uses up another crucially important plug socket...?

 Don't worry... the bed was alright... the slat had just "popped out" and I just "popped it back".

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