Friday, 3 September 2010

Middle europe


I don’t have much to say about Ramsgate. It’s like Southport, but with no amusement arcades, fairground rides, and Southerners. Most people around seem to be retirees, dock-workers, and freight. After the 5.5 hour drive I wasn’t really in the mood to seek out whatever good points it might have.

The seagulls are fucking massive. 

On the Ferry to Belgium

It must be a 21st century phenomenon, to get on a car-ferry and think – “wow, it looks just like the ones in computer games.”

It’s mainly truckers. There’s only about another 7 car passengers on here – the place is empty. Security was pretty weak, not at all like at an airport. The guys at the check-point had a half-arsed rummage through the bags we had on top – almost as if he was doing it for show more than actually looking for anything.

But then on the other hand – what would anyone be trying to smuggle out of the UK? The crown jewels?

I’ve just finished compiling my driving rock compilation, which is going to kick 10 kinds of shit out of Neil’s. :D 


Very pretty,  very tasty, very expensive. 

Luxembourg is beautiful.
No idea because we basically rolled up at 8, booked in, went to bed, got up, had breakfast, and got the hell out of there.

Really really pretty. Green. Hills. Forests. Amazing buildings. Old people. French people. German people. Few Belgians.

Found the youth hostel after an hour or so of driving about - it's in the middle of nowhere, but is huge and very pretty. We seem to be the only people here right now.

This feels pretty much like a holiday right now. Got a cheap bottle of plonk from the super-markert and some cheap fruit. We're hitting Stuttgart next.

Sheffield to Luxembourg

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  1. This blog is great. I keep checking each day now for the next installment!

    I hope you both keep it up once you're settled.

    It's definitely inspiring to see the sense of freedom and possibility you are both exuding.