Friday, 3 September 2010

Neil's first post

Well I’ve finally caught up to this careering locomotive that has been my life as I’m on the travel train now. Dunno about rich but as soon as I made the decision to travel in the previous summer my life always seemed to be one step ahead of me and although I have enjoyed the experience of sorting out my life in order to make this move happen, lots of sacrifices have been made along the way.
It is amazing to think that one decision to up root and move abroad has changed my life so drastically and the actual power you have with the choices you make is immense and often I feel under appreciated by many people. If there is one thing I have learned is that a simple choice no matter how small can change your life in ways it is often hard to imagine. With commitment to your choices and ultimately to yourself, your able to do the achieve your dreams and it’s a fantastic feeling to experience what you have only previously imagined.
Choices do take resolve as I’ve had to leave so much behind to actually pursue a dream and if I don’t get what I want I’ll hopefully get what I need. I have the fuel to keep me going and that is in some massive part thanks to a awesome cake that I received on my last day of work (picture include) of which I can thank for my rapid degeneration into a diabetic coma. At this stage I would also like to clarify that I am not actually ginger, it again is another choice that I made and yes it may seem odd to most people, even perverse, I just think the curtains should match the carpet.
I’m writing this on a FERRY which is devoid of any life but riches stank ass farts which seem to increase every day, I’m scared for him when he hits critical mass, my gut says this will be in France.
My stay in Ramsgate after a scenic road trip down the m1 was quite possibly the most riveting experience of my life, there is nothing like a desolate port town to bring out the patriot in anyone. I was however very disappointed in the lack of tack on offer about the town, I was banking on England to provided be with my obligatory English beer hat and fake tits and bums. What I will give the English seaside is cracking fish & chips, no matter where you go it’s always that best part of the day.
Looking forward to actually getting in Europe and getting a travel routine hammered down as I’ve got that unsettled feeling at the moment, not quite relaxed and always thinking have I left the oven on, till I realise I don’t actually own one. Hoping its possible get some lunch in bruge before we head of to the hostel in Brussels but will see how the day works out. Need to work out which side I will take in the war between the whites and the blacks before I get to bruge though so gonna sign off for now and have a little think on the captains deck.

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